Patient: Adjective or Noun?

Ever have those days when you wonder what else could go wrong? Those times when in order for one thing to happen, something else has to happen first? Do you, like so many of us, need to develop patience?

The word “patient” can be an adjective or a noun. We will learn to be patient or become a patient from all the fretting and worrying and grumping at circumstances that are often out of our control.

In that regard, the past few weeks have been very challenging for us.

First, we arrived home from a week at Camp Beebe in Quebec, to find that David’s “cave” computer was no longer working due to a power surge during a thunder storm. (The “cave” is his hide-away place where much play and little work is done on David’s day off.)  However, the cave computer is also used for personal work, like accessing and tracking our home checkbook and personal financial records, paying bills online, etc..

David took the computer to the computer geeks to determine its “fixability”. I need to complete our most recent household financial accounting and paying of bills, because I’m about 2 weeks behind. Meanwhile we ”wait”.

Next, our lawn tractor stopped operating again (third time this summer). It’s a John Deere tractor and the part needed this time is expensive, so David is trying to find a replacement part from a used tractor to save money. Both we and the lawn “wait”.

Then, I inadvertently left the garden sprinkler on for at least 1½ hours a few nights ago and our well began to regurgitate rusty water through our household faucets whenever we turned them on. A trusted friend with expertise in well issues assures us our well will refill with water and the rusty water in the pipes will clear up. In the meantime our laundry has to “wait”.

About 3 weeks ago I suffered a broken crown on one of my front teeth. It now has a temporary cap, but due to expense, the final crown has to “wait”.

Add this to the waiting on the Lord regarding ministry issues and health issues and the “wait” sometimes feels like “weight”.

What do you do with “weighty waits”? When life seem to be one long wait?

We have learned to turn to the One who has written a long love letter contained in 66 volumes, collected in a one-book-library called the Holy Bible. This loving Being who invites us to call Him “Father”, has given us many promises of protection,  direction, wisdom, guidance and provision.

He has also given us the presence of His Holy Spirit who produces spirit fruit in our lives as we allow Him to do the planting, cultivating and pruning. Among those fruits of the Spirit is one called “patience”.

For us, this is a time when the spiritual fruit of patience is so necessary, due to our recent irritating challenges. Of course the “ouch” is that the very things we go through that cry out for patience are the things that actually produce patience. (Rom. 5:3)

The need for the fruit will produce the fruit when we entrust the irritations to the Lord.

Patience is really endurance – holding up through whatever challenges come our way – waiting for resolutions or solutions. We will either learn to “wait” for God’s solution and/or wisdom for the problem, or suffer the consequences.

Our Father wants to produce in us a more secure and confident trust in Him. For this reason, He allows those times that stretch us and force us to slow down and think about things of eternal value, like patience? Problems we can’t solve are fertile ground for miracles, if we just hang in there.

You will either learn to be patient, or become one.  Adjective or noun, it’s your choice.

Where  do you measure on the patience meter?

©2011, Marcy Alves


About Marcy

I love my Father-God. Together we are walking through a season of my life where I am standing with him against cancer. He is my strength and trust. As one of his daughters, my passion is to share his love with others in practical, everyday illustrations and insights.

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