Election Year 2012

“Who are you voting for?” was a question directed at me last night at our lifegroup meeting from a 21-year-old woman. The question was in response to my admonition to the group members to make sure they voted in our NH Presidential Primary, if they care about the well-being of our nation.

If you have read any of my other blog posts, you’ll concur that I seldom make reference to politics or political issues. I’m more interested in proclaiming truths of the parallel kingdom of the Spirit. However . . . to illustrate that sometimes kingdoms collide and cause much concern, I’m leaving the narrow path and venturing onto the wide road for one blog. I’m doing this because . . . ?

2012 is an important election year.  It’s not just politics as usual.

Not just because of the lack of life-sustaining jobs in the US and an economy that has resulted in thousands being forced out of their homes by banks who received money from our government to help American home owners, then either misused or withheld those funds for their own interests.

Not just because we have the highest national debt in the history of our nation – not because any one party created that debt.

Not because our nation is fast succumbing to an “entitlement mentality”, both inside and outside of the Capital beltway and the Capitol Building.

Not because there’s more coming-in than going-out in nationally produced American goods and services, which contributes even more to our jobless rate and consequentially to our national debt.

Not because we give away billions of dollars to other nations who could care less about Americans, except as “sugar daddies”, rescuers, job suppliers for their impoverished people, because their own governments either don’t care enough or don’t know enough to take care of their own people – or are experiencing the results of their own ideological choices.

Not because we sell arms and munitions to those who are likely to use them against us.

Not because we don’t stand by our long-time ally, Israel, the only democratic country in the Middle East, but push her further and further toward dissection.

Not because our law-makers and court “law interpreters” cater to the loudest minority protestors who want special treatment in areas of race, religion, education, US border control arrests, birth/death choices, and rights of various sexual preferences (who knows where that may next lead us?).

It’s an important election year because our Constitutional freedoms will soon be on the auction block to the highest bidder – if we don’t have a change of ideological and political direction in the next four years. Already freedoms of speech, public expressions of religion and religious philosophy, the right to bear arms, and the right to choose to purchase or not to purchase our own health insurance are in serious jeopardy. I’m sure there are other endangered freedoms that I haven’t included here.

Even our American courts have been challenged and made concessions to both international law and laws of certain religious sects, where those laws collide with American law. I can envision a time when physical abuse and even murder cases may be deferred to certain religious institutional laws. When people chose to live in America, they should be subject to American laws. Concessions will lead to collapse to our own system of laws and their enforcement.

If you care about the USA and are planning to vote in the Presidential Primary in your state, or in the November 2012 elections, please do yourself and everyone else a favor by going on-line to the actual sites of the candidates – read what they stand for. Also, check voting records on issues that you care about. If you have time and opportunity, attend town halls and debates where various candidates will be speak and be available for questions. Address specific questions to candidates’ websites.

Please don’t vote if you are not an informed voter.

Don’t depend on network TV, radio or newspapers to faithfully report what each candidate stands for – everybody has a bias, even journalists. Some networks aren’t even trying to disguise their biases.

Don’t allow your vote to be purchased by empty promises, either on the local or the national levels.

Finally, pray about whom you should vote for; God, who knows “what’s in the hearts of men” and can alert you to a sense of things that are hidden – for He weighs the thoughts and intents of the heart. Ask Him for wisdom that goes beyond appearances and vote for the person(s) of His choice.

See you at the polls?

©2011, Marcy Alves


About Marcy

I love my Father-God. Together we are walking through a season of my life where I am standing with him against cancer. He is my strength and trust. As one of his daughters, my passion is to share his love with others in practical, everyday illustrations and insights.

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  1. Great post, Marcy. An informed electorate is vital. There is much deception in the political process. Americans continue to elect bad people because they don’t take the time to educate themselves. This is the biggest problem the country faces in our elections and the greatest obstacle to overcome.

    Yet things are much different now in that real information can be found relatively quickly through any number of internet searches. People should know who they are voting for. Yet, it seems most people continue to choose candidates based on their looks and personalities, even though both are often based on a false, cultivated image created to deceive.

    • Thanks for your comments and for subscribing. As you say, there is really no excuse in these days for voters to be uninformed. Sadly, some are to “lazy” to do the research, or even to watch the candidates televised debates. Of course, many of the questions asked by the liberal media are geared for controversy, not clarity on issues.

  2. It is impossible to stress enough to responsibility people have to be informed on the issues. Unfortunately, on the topic of controversy I would not blame it all on the “liberal” media, but also on the growing attitude of pessimism among the American public. It seems that many of the people in this nation love it when the candidates are able to tear each other apart. We’ve grown to support the “strongest” candidate even if he divides us, rather than the meek leader that could unite us. The problem lies far deeper within than what we can just see with our political leaders; it is the heart of America growing more negative and bitter than has lead us to where we are.

    • Well expressed thoughts on some astute observations, Alan. Where is real leadership that can also be conciliatory and bring opposing viewpoints to middle ground, so both sides feel they have gained and not lost when they are both passionate about their views and have sound reasons for their viewpoints? Most people are logical if we could track them from their starting point and understand their reasons. Thanks for commenting.

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