Rescued for a Reason

Have you ever been rescued by God from some terrible situation?  Auto accident, a disease, a house fire, a dangerous place, or a life-threatening relationship? Do you ever wonder why God spared your life?

My Old Testament reading this morning was in Exodus chapters 1:15-2:25, which covers early part of the life of Moses.

At the time Moses was born to his Hebrew parents, the Pharaoh of Egypt had issued an edict for all baby boys born to Hebrews to be killed. At first the mid-wives were instructed to kill them at birth, but when that order was not obeyed, Pharaoh ordered that all Hebrew boy babies be thrown into the Nile River.

Moses’ mother kept him secret for three months, but when she realized he could no longer be hidden, she made a basket of papyrus sealed with pitch, placed her baby in the basket and put it among the reeds near the bank of the Nile. Pharaoh’s daughter came with her handmaids to bathe in the river, spotted the basket and saved the baby to be raised as her own son.

Moses’ sister, who had been set at watch over the baby, volunteered to get a wet-nurse for her brother and returned with Moses’ own mother, to whom Pharaoh’s daughter entrusted the child. There was another perk: Moses’ mom was paid to raise the child until he was older, at which time he became the son of Pharaoh’s daughter and was raised in the Pharaoh’s court.

Moses had been saved for God’s future purpose, which took years to be revealed.

When Moses was age 40 (see Acts 7:23) he went out to where the Hebrew slaves were working at hard labor and saw an Egyptian foreman beating one of the Hebrew slaves. Making sure no one was in view to observe his action, Moses killed the Egyptian and buried him in the sand.

The Old Testament Scripture, Numbers 32:23 says: “. . . be sure your sin will find you out.” – as Moses was soon to discover.

The next day when Moses went out to watch the workers, he saw a Hebrew beating another Hebrew and asked the slave why he was beating his fellow worker. The slave answered: “Who made you ruler and judge over us? Are you thinking of killing me as you killed the Egyptian?” Moses knew he was in trouble.

Pharaoh got wind of Moses’ crime and tried to kill him; Moses escaped and went to live in Midian. There he met the daughters of a Midianite priest, who invited him home for dinner. Moses was invited to live in the priest’s home, married one of his daughters and settled down for another 40 years.

God had rescued Moses three times: at birth, from the Nile River, and from the hand of a very angry Pharaoh. Now God was about to call-in the favors. And Moses was about to discover the reason for God’s intervention in his life.

When I was a child I was saved me from drowning twice, I was spared from any serious injury in two bad car accidents in which my cars were totaled, and I’m sure there are many other God-rescues of which I am totally unaware.

Why did God save me? I have asked myself that question many times since I came to faith in Christ. Oh, I realize that God saved me because He loves me. But there is a sense that He has a purpose for me here on earth. I have committed myself to Him and seek to be a consistent witness of His love and grace to others. But there are those specific times, places, activities and events when I sense what His purpose is for my earth-life; as when He uses me to introduce Him to people around me – to put their hands into His.

Have you ever thought about why God saved you? If you have never experienced a rescue from physical death, perhaps you have experienced God’s rescue from spiritual death through the gift of Jesus who died on the cross to bring you into a relationship with God.

If you are wondering why you are here on this earth, why God has spared you so many times over the course of your life, if you have not yet found your purpose for being alive – ask Him. It may be that He is waiting for you to want to discover His purpose in creating you.

If you have already asked God what your purpose is, perhaps there is more character building that is needed in your life before you can be trusted with God’s plan. Or, maybe you are right where He wants you, living His plan for your life.

It may also be that, knowing what God knows about you, He hasn’t revealed His plan because you would not be willing to do what He asks of you.

Maybe you have sensed His calling on your life and have delayed or said “No.” to His plan because you haven’t yet figured out that life works best when you surrender to His will in total trust.

In my next blog, we’ll look at how God revealed His plan to Moses – how He called Moses to a specific mission and why Moses said, “No thanks.”

Are you willing to take the step to ask God what the reason is that He has rescued you?

©2012, Marcy Alves


About Marcy

I love my Father-God. Together we are walking through a season of my life where I am standing with him against cancer. He is my strength and trust. As one of his daughters, my passion is to share his love with others in practical, everyday illustrations and insights.

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