I love my Father-God. Together we are walking through a season of my life where I have been healed of stage 3 breast cancer and am standing with him against rheumatoid arthritis. He is my strength and trust.

As one of his daughters, my passion is to share his love with others in practical, everyday illustrations and insights.

I usually post one to two times a month(if my hands cooperate).

I am a speaker, singer (my albums are available at iTunes and Spotify) and an author. I also enjoy outdoor activities when I’m able, including cross-country skiing, hiking, sailing, tennis, working in my garden, and walking by the ocean.

Hopefully I’ll be publishing two more books this year. A Cake for Edna Rose–a birthday story for 3-7 year olds–is available now for Kindle, and soon in print. The other two books are in progress.

  1. You go girl! I know it will happen. I’ll be your FIRST reader.

  2. Bernice Stevens

    My Dear Sister, Marcy. I believe I am your SECOND reader. Marcy, you are so gifted in so many area and are such a blessing to all who know you. Your writings, your poetry, your music are all so inspirational and beautiful as are you. I am so blessed and honored to have met you at GBC Retreat last Oct. My prayer is that we meet again. God has truly gifted you to bless others and you are doing that – – and now with your blog(s). I thank God that HE is motivating you to do that. You are more than HIS special daughter – you are a special sister and friend. To GOD Be The Glory!! In Jesus Precious Name, Bernice

    • Thank you Bernice for your kind and encouraging words! God did motivate me to begin the blog through my awesome husband who did a bit of push and prod. I wasn’t sure if anyone would read my posts, but there you have it – apparently there are some readers out there. Continue to pray for me as I share things I feel deeply and believe strongly. Indeed, to God be the glory!!

  3. Terri Schreffler

    Marcy, I just found your web page. I’ve recently been listening to the 2 PCB records from the 60’s or whenever they were made. I think of you each time. That’s the Thing inspires me to get busy on some projects I’ve been putting off. I know I’ll feel a lot better when they are completed.

    Do you ever get to Michigan or the Detroit – Chicago – Indianapolis area? I’m in Battle Creek and love it here.

    I’ll be watching for your books. I’d love to read them.

    • Thanks Terri. Go for it with your procrastinated projects.
      It’s been a while since I’ve been to the mid-west.
      We’ll let you know when the books are available – they will publish first as e-books.

  4. Just found you all through David’s twitter about Real Things. Can’t believe it’s been so long since we saw each other! So sorry to hear about your cancer, but encouraged by your faith in our sovereign God.

    Email me and let’s get caught up!

  5. Dear sister in Christ, I stand in prayer with you on your health and all the blessings and prosperity that God sends your way. Though we don’t know each other, you touched my heart reading your About You and your recent post. Wow! I found a connection and this is a beautiful thing. I look forward to reading your posts very much. God is a faithful God. All things are possible in Christ Jesus. Continue to do the work through the talents you’ve been blessed with to speak unto the world for The Kingdom. I will keep you in my prayers. Stayed encouraged and rooted in the Word no matter what comes your way. Take care….

  6. Greetings from Saskatchewan,

    Very nice blog! I see that you are busy with a variety of other creative projects as well. Sounds exciting. I hope you and David are doing well.

    I also hope this is an appropriate place to ask you a website development question. I seem to remember that you are also involved in some sort of pay per post blogging arrangement. I am trying to learn as much as I can about this bizarre blogging world, and I was curious to learn more about who you work with and how you feel about the present arrangement.

    Thanks for any information you may be able to provide.

    God bless,

    Nathan Olson

  7. Marcy, I believe we all are battling some form of illness. Some the body, mind, or spiritual. How we look at ourselves and where we stand in our walk with Christ is whats important. I say to you live today as if there is no tomorrow. No matter your illness, we all stand in the same boat. God’s word says we are not promised tomorrow. God has given us the grace for today only.

    I don’t know you but I sure would like too because you are a Proverbs Woman that uses her time wisely. Thank you for being better and not bitter. Thank you for all the lives you have touch and continue to touch daily. I promise God is in control of the situation, no matter what! I love you because Christ loves you and I love Christ. Loving those who cross our path is quite simple…and one of the commandments. He does not ask, He Commands us. I hope you understand my heart felt words.

    Blessings from my heart to yours!

  8. Hello brethren in Christ Jesus,
    Mercy and grace be multiplied upon you by our Almighty father in heaven.I am pastor Zephaniah Machogu Onduso from Kenya.I accepted Jesus’ calling to work in His vineyard.I lead a small congregation of people willing to study the bible and are eagerly doing it.Though we are a small church,we have also seen and touched by the problems orphans are passing on and so we have decided to take care of them.
    From the little resources god has blessed us with,we are providing them:shelter,clothing and food.But we sometimes fall short of funds.This is why we are looking for a mature ministry to affiliate with.From your website page we have seen your beliefs and ours are resembling in serving our Lord.So my humble request is that,if it may be God’s will you allow us to partner with you and we work under you in exalting high our most high God.You can prove this from our website http://www.orphanage.org/africa/kenya/roadside/ which a certain ministry sponsored us in creating.
    Yours in Christ,
    Pastor Zephaniah

  9. Cameron Von St. James


    I have a quick question about your blog, would you mind emailing me when you get a chance?



  10. Marcy, Going through some moderately hard stuff, needed the house to myself this morning & you came to mind after years! Wanted some quiet music to help settle & googled you to see if any music of yours was on line and find you’re in need of our love and prayers. God is amazing!! Have prayed with you in person during the Camp Spofford ladies retreats (and the one couples retreat). Community Bible Chapel was our home church at the time. I’m meant to be a prayer partner, I had a serious septic infecton and consequent spinal leakage due to abscesses…. Hanover pulled me through and I grew close to God like I still can’t believe through it all. Was out of work and flat in bed for months and what a blessing. I felt such peace and comfort, TURN YOUR EYES UPON JESUS is what went through my head over and over day after day. And what do you suppose the Praise team included the day I returned to service with my walker in tow? Turn Your Eyes…!!! And not many knew about the song nor did anyone know I was gong to wake up and say, this is the day I want to try the trip to church. God blessed me abundantly! Enough, know I’m in your corner and am praying. In His Love, Ann Boyd

  11. Hi Marcy,
    A bright smile and warm hug to you 🙂 I browsed through your page and loved the blog on ‘Pastor Appreciation’…Pastors go above and beyond for the flock and a lot of times get no appreciation…but their wives are even more under appreciated so I just wanted to encourage you to keep on doing what you’re doing. God’s blessings on your future endeavors 🙂


    • Thanks JC for your encouraging words. You can add us to your prayers as our local church body transitions this summer from a building-bound fellowship to an informal house church setting. We’re trying to encourage our people to think outside the box in reaching out to family, friends and acquaintances in a “non-churchy” way. We want to excel at growing together and bringing others into the fellowship of disciples of Jesus.

      • Prayers sent up….this is a great idea and I pray that it will truly enhance and enlarge the Kingdom. I also pray that you guys will remain encouraged and focused on God through out the transition because there will be several who are opposed to the change. I love it though…God is an ‘out side the box’ kind of God 🙂


  12. "light and salt"

    Bless you for your faith! Standing with God is your first, and most correct, move. You will always be where you should be if you trust in Him…

    May your efforts in all things be rewarded!

    Steve Pejay

    • Thank you for your encouragement. God bless you as you share His grace.

      • "light and salt"

        It is my pleasure, both as a person and a Christian man to help encourage good choices!

        God uses us in any way He sees fit. We follow in any way He fits us in…

        Enjoy your day,

  13. Brad and Kathie Brown

    He’s Alive … Marcy, this song was a gift to my heart, from you many years ago at Faith Christian Academy. Brad

    • Oh my! How many years ago that was! And I stilll occasionally sing that song. It’ one of my favorite Resurrection Day songs, though today I did The Easter Song at our fellowship Celebration. I have many fond memories of Faith Christian Academy. If you are on facebook, please contact me. I’d love to know how you two are.

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